Where will they be employed? RAJIB DHAR

In the first place, Do you know the rate of graduates unemployed in Bangladesh ?

It’s almost 66%. Yeah, you’ve heard it right.

Sounds alarming?

By the way,

Are you wondering what you would have gone through if you were an unemployed graduate?

The following instances give you a glimpse of it.

The moment your relatives get to know you’re unemployed,they’ll take it up upon themselves to be your career counselor no matter what

Surprisingly, without knowing much about you- your interest or your caliber, people come up with advice for your career. However,

In Bangladesh , everyone is a expert about every fu…ng thing be it job , politics,international relations, medicine or others

Not only advice, they’ll also give you taunt…

Life is incomplete without mistakes.

You may have heard people saying,“Learn from mistakes”.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Why not learn from these people? There you go.

Bro, you’re so right. Most of us fail to realize this mistake as youth at times makes us dismissive about this.

Well , Time and tide waits for none 😁.

Learning about Love and Success from Movies


It seems to be eccentric. Maybe, I’m not much aware of it. This tendency may be prevalent. Who knows?

Trusting Governments and Institutions

You’ve understood. Right?

Believing that Good grades guarantee success in life

To some extend,it’s…

An exceptional person with exceptional generosity and lifestyle

Have you ever thought you’d come across something like this?😁

Since childhood, we’ve seen our presidents riding in expensive cars, living in luxurious presidential palaces and what not. No wonder,you’ve to be very well-off to become a president, especially in subcontinent.

This is what I knew until I’ve chanced upon Jose Mujica, who was the world’s poorest president till now.

What make him so special

After assuming the role of Uruguay’s president in 2010, he declined to move into the luxurious presidential palace provided by the state.

Instead,he chose to stay with his wife and his dog in her farmhouse with little security…

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

After reading the title , you’re wondering — “What rubbish am I saying?”

It’s obvious. Since, you’ve hearing about follow your passion for so long that you’ll definitely find it absurd hearing the opposite.

Read the tweet below. You’ll sense the origin of my position.

See! You live in a world where you need money to survive. You’ve always heard- Water is Life.Ironically, you’ve to even pay for a bottle of drinking water.Water is not free, let alone others.

Let me give you an example to validate my take on passion.

Imagine you want to be a professional musician…

Features with amazing benefits yet not known

Every day you use your phone. Right!

Given the time you spend with the phone, you know almost every everything about your phone. But, there are some features you haven't paid heed as you don’t know what to do with those.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Here are the following ones.

Airplane mode

For faster charging, Keep the phone in airplane mode. As, it shuts down the radio, Bluetooth, wifi connection which consumes a lot of power.

Split screen

In PC, you can do multitasking very easily, switching from one app to another opening multiple windows and so on.

How can you the same on your smartphone? …

No doubt, you’re a huge cricket fan. You’ve played cricket a lot since childhood. But, cricket has got some fascinating rules, which are not known to the fans.

There you go. Find out how many of the following rules you knew before.


If the ball touches the gloves while the hand is not in contact with the bat, the catch will be considered as Not Out

This rule is so rare that even the umpires are not aware of it. The proof is Rangana Herath of Srilanka was given out when the same thing happened in a test match with England.

Even, Herath didn’t appeal to the decision as he himself didn't know about the rule 😅.

Source: Quora

LBW means anything before the wicket

Don’t go by the name that the…

If you ask anyone what they know about the World War, you’ll certainly find them remembering the insanity of Hitler, the unbelievable Holocaust, the devastating Hiroshima atomic bomb which forced Japan to surrender and the WW2 to end.

Source: Pixabay

World War was so much overwhelmed with sufferings that it nullified some wonderful incidents. Incidents which you'll find, ‘How is this possible?’

Without further ado, let's take a look at those incidents.

Christmas truce

It is very common to see truce in the war so that everyone can get respite for a while.

But, what is so special with the Christmas truce that a…

Are you looking for ways to increase customers in your online business?

If that is so, you’ve come to the right place.

See, online business is very competitive and you need to look for ways to rise amongst the competition.

Many online businesses are in a frenzy to adopt E-commerce SEO.

Before you go for it, you first need to understand why you need E-commerce SEO and then how you can identify the necessity of E-commerce SEO in your online business.

What is SEO?

In short, SEO is a technique which ranks your page at the top of Google Search…

The year 2020 would be remembered as the worst ordeal in our lives.

A lot of dreadful realities which you couldn't have seen otherwise.

The following gives you a tour of some of the realities concerning Bangladesh.

Find out how many of these you can relate.

People have shown they can stoop so low that even animals can’t beat them

How was it possible that the children left their mother behind in a jungle, just because she had flu-like symptoms?

You may think it’s impossible. I wish you were correct.

When this incident came to light, it stunned everyone in the country. …

While passing by a school, road, stadium or an airport, you’ll often find those named after some people. It’s a no brainer for you that these people are famous in some way.

But, who are they actually?

Let us find out.

Kemal Ataturk Avenue

This is the main road connection connecting Kakoli and Gulshan-2 circle.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the first president of Turkey. His surname Ataturk means the Father of the Turks. After the fall Ottoman rule, he brought reforms to make Turkey more secular and westernised.

Manik Miah Avenue

The main road that goes past the front side of Parliament.

Sajjad Hossen

A chill person who has got no career goals. Loves to express his emotions in writings. Believes in simplicity. Simple is Beautiful!

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