7 harsh truths you wouldn’t have known if there were no coronavirus in Bangladesh

The year 2020 would be remembered as the worst ordeal in our lives.

A lot of dreadful realities which you couldn't have seen otherwise.

The following gives you a tour of some of the realities concerning Bangladesh.

Find out how many of these you can relate.

People have shown they can stoop so low that even animals can’t beat them

How was it possible that the children left their mother behind in a jungle, just because she had flu-like symptoms?

You may think it’s impossible. I wish you were correct.

When this incident came to light, it stunned everyone in the country. Expressing her shock over the incident, the Prime minister urged everyone to be more compassionate in this difficult time.

Wondering that it’s an isolated case?

Sorry to say, you’ll find many such reports of how much cruel people can be in the wake of coronavirus.

We’ve almost lost our faith in the health care system after seeing the unprecedented ruthlessness of the hospitals

Source: Daily Star

Look at this picture.

This picture speaks a lot about the unbearable pain of this grandfather who couldn't save his grandchild.

But, what happened?

The kid had an accident and was badly injured.

After being denied treatment from 4 different hospitals, he rushed his grandchild to Chattogram Medical where the kid took his last breath in the stretcher.

Maybe, the kid understood by then it was pointless to hope for treatment any longer.😢

Alongside the coronavirus, private hospitals overcharging patients have become yet another woe for us.

After reading all these, I can hear you asking me,“ Where will we go?”

I really don’t know.

We are helpless! We have no option but to live with it.

As far as the health care in Bangladesh is concerned, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Coronavirus can kill anyone at any time. But, this fear of death couldn't quell the absurd corruptions of some individuals

By now, everyone has understood we all are at risk of the virus. Every day, the death toll update is making us more worried.

When we can realise that death is very close, what do you think we would do?

Regret, Repent, Asking for forgiveness, Pray.

Before the pandemic, I had this perception.

But, the following corruption cases have proven me wrong. To some people, greed outweighs the fear of death.

Hunger is more real than the virus.

“Not coronavirus, it’s the hunger we fear”

Very well said!

If you’re someone living on hand-to-mouth, you’ll understand the full meaning of the line stated above

Imagine yourself surviving on a single meal every day. Spending all day in lockdown with tolerating the pangs of hunger. Helpless! This is going on for days. Now, you tell me which one you find more real: hunger or the virus?

Source: Daily Star

When the first phase of lockdown was about to end, you’ve seen hordes of garment workers coming to Dhaka to join their factories. Though, the government didn't lift the lockdown then.

It happened only because of the fear of hunger, so real that they walked on foot for hours after hours to join their factories despite the tremendous hazards involved.

Dhaka can never be your own city if you’re a tenant.

Amidst coronavirus, people are suffering from a severe financial crisis, struggling to pay rent. The burden of rent has become so heavy that people are now leaving Dhaka in droves with a heavy heart.

It’s very heartbreaking to see people leaving with their furniture, kitchen utensils and others.

Speaking to a news reporter before leaving Dhaka, a person was saying, “Even after living in Dhaka for 50 years, this city hasn't become mine”

The population of Bangladesh has become a curse


At a time when experts are stressing more on social distancing, don’t you think social distancing is almost impossible in a densely populated country like Bangladesh?

Social distancing needs space. Where is that space?

Wherever you go, you’ll find crowd everywhere.

If you want to enforce social distancing in a slum, it’d be hilarious.

As far as testing is concerned, it’s a massive challenge. We don’t have that many testing kits to even test 10% of the population.

Layoffs have proven you’re merely a money-making machine, nothing more, nothing less.

Due to lockdown, businesses have come to a halt. Some companies,not all, have started to downsize its operation by laying off employees in large numbers.

Leaving employees in the lurch.

These are the same companies who have done a lot of profits with their employees’ hard work.

In its heyday, companies needed these employees more than ever. Now, when it comes to difficult times, companies no longer want them.

An employee is simply a money-making toy.

There is no doubt that Coronavirus has made us our lives uncertain. Only God knows what is written in our fate. Stay safe and calm. That’s all.

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